Vivene's Island Cuisine 

Vivene is the middle name of our owner Carolene. Born and raised in the parish of Hanover, Carolene migrated to Canada at age 12. Married to a German gentleman, and has 3 children. True to her authentic nature, her recipes are also real authentic Jamaican cooking from the pot to the plate. Once you taste the flavours you will be hooked. Carolene has been cooking from age 4 on the outdoor fire pit in the backyard in Jamaica and still today cooks using some of the same methods to achieve maximum taste. We are not perfect, however, we will strive to serve you only the very best from the Island.  All our menu items are prepared using authentic Jamaican ingredients. Our Jerk sauce is the base for all our dishes. We want everyone to be able to eat from our menu, so our focus is authentic Jamaican flavours first and spice levels as requested.  Vivene's jerk sauce is prepared in house using all the finest herbs from the Island, especially pimento aka all spice. Dine in or call for take out. We are the originators, Halton’s first and only full service restaurant. Catch us on Open Table. 

Real Customer Testimonials and Reviews

DISCLAIMER! Due to our newness to the market and clearly a threat to our competitor, someone has been making up fake names and writing fake reviews about our food! So in the keeping with my true Jamaican nature and integrity, I am posting the real reviews we receive daily about how we truly are impacting our community and the real love the people of Burlington has shown to our business! When they hit low, we will hit High!

''Best Jamaican Food I have ever had!''

Benny Fitz

''Feels like we are back home!''

Tess Timonial

''My tummy is happy!''

Hugh Canduit